Digital Signage & Interactive Kiosk Solutions

Digital Signage & Interactive Kiosk Solutions

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Advanced Technical Services (ATS) offers a variety of digital signage and interactive kiosk support solutions that help our customers reduce cost, speed implementation and increase customer satisfaction.

As an ISO-9000 certified repair center, all ATS digital signage and interactive kiosk solutions conform to only the highest standards of quality and delivery.

ATS support solutions include; dedicated in house technical staff for streamlined programming, setup, testing and product fulfillment to customer sites.

ATS experienced technical team provides Quick Turn Upgrade and Modification Programs to help return all updated products back to customer locations in a timely manner.

Any field returns are processed by the RMA and repair group and any required repairs are promptly performed and returned to customer sites as quickly as possible.

 Certified & Trained Technical Staff

Since 1981, ATS team of highly skilled engineers, technicians, and warehouse support staff have supported the needs of major OEM customers worldwide. Since inception the company has processed over 15,000,000  electronic products for their customers.

Quick Turn Programs

Quick Turn Programs help maintain customer satisfaction by rapidly performing any required modifications or upgrades and promptly returning all modified products back to customer locations. Quick Turn Programs have consistently been shown to maintain or improve customer satisfaction and loyalty across industry groups.

Single Source for RMA Processing and Repair

When a kiosk filed failure does occur, Advanced Technical Services should be your single point of contact for your RMA Processing and Test and Repair needs.

Advanced Technical Services experienced solutions team allows our customers the freedom to focus on key initiatives in their business while ATS provides the needed RMA, Test and Repair support.

Expedited Deployment, Installation and Shipping Solutions

Our experienced installation team helps make customer deployments smoother for our OEM and ODM customers by helping manage both the project and the customer. ATS team will work with the end user customer on scheduling, location priorities, and any other key customer concerns. This  frees up our OEM/ODM customer to focus on designing or building their products.

ATS’ expedited delivery and shipping solutions insure that customer products are received when and where they are needed most through immediate, same-day or next day order shipping.

Services Available

  • Kiosk/Tablet Support
  • Nationwide Installation
  • Programming
  • Configuration
  • Testing
  • Fulfillment
  • Warehousing
  • Quick Turn Modifications & Upgrades
  • RMA Support/Management
  • Full Functional Testing
  • Component Level Repair
  • Failure Analysis
  • Warranty Sceening
  • Client-Defined Turnaround Times

Key Customers

  • TouchTunes
  • Fluidmesh
  • Comcast
  • Charter Communications (Time Warner Cable)
  • Ford
  • General Motors