Apple Prime ??

Goldman analysts have gotten attention for calling for an "Apple Prime" monthly subscription service. They say the iPhone maker "needs to invest with urgency and scale in a tightly integrated content strategy."

Does going in this direction make sense? It actually might be a great idea, according to Luke Dormehl, a tech journalist and author of "The Apple Revolution."

"I'd certainly pay $50 per month if Apple ( AAPL

If it was able to guarantee me the latest iPhone of my choice on launch day, alongside retooled music and TV packages," Dormehl writes in a piece for Cult of Mac ( apple-prime-heres-might-great-idea/).

Apple has already has gone down this road to some extent, such as through its iPhone upgrade program, he notes. And the Silicon Valley behemoth has done some in-house content production, inking a deal to produce a documentary, for example. "It's certainly not on a level with Netflix or Amazon (AMZN) yet, but it's a start," Dormehl says.

Goldman suggests that the 50-bucks-a-month "Apple Prime" service include things like a new iPhone every year, a new Apple TV every three years and access to Apple Music and new original Apple TV content, as a ValueWalk posts notes ( Apple ( AAPL) Apple could potentially end up with billions more in revenue.