CE manufactures are searching for new growth opportunities

Mobile carriers aren’t the only ones looking for new growth opportunities. Desktop ownership has declined 30% since 2009, down to 61% of broadband households, and it will not recover. Annual desktop purchases continue to decline; just 12% of households bought a desktop in 2015, down from 24% in 2009.

CE manufacturers are looking to compensate for these declining PC sales. One key strategy is to build product ecosystems that have cross-platform functions, as well as cross-marketing opportunities. Apple is a clear leader in this area – consumers are more likely to own multiple CE products from Apple than from any other CE brand. This multiplatform ownership is concentrated in the brand’s mobile products, the iPhone and iPad, but the company is also seeing a bump in its computer adoption. Mac ownership recently topped one-fourth of US broadband households after lingering at 10% for many years prior. As manufacturers move into areas such as smart home and wearables, they will look for ways to tie value propositions across platforms.

Source: ISE Magazine, January 2017, Volume 35, Issue 1