Elon Musk Drops a Bomb on The Auto Industry And Big Oil

Apr 19, 2017 3:27pm CDT by Lawrence604253

Tesla is already causing ulcers amongst auto industry executives and Big Oil sheikhs, executives, and oligarchs with the coming production of the Tesla Model 3 in less than three months from now, which has an estimated 400k or more pre-orders. Those ulcers just multiplied and grew worse with Elon Musk’s latest announcements on Twitter:

He started off by stating that Tesla would be unveiling an electric Semi-Truck in September. This is a segment where there is currently no mass production of electric vehicles. Not only would this be a big fuel saver in metro zone and regional trucking, it would also start the electrification of a transportation segment that is responsible for a major chunk of global oil use.

That alone would have created a big splash, but Musk was not done. He followed up with a tweet stating that Tesla would be unveiling a pick-up truck in 18 to 24 months. Since this has become an ever more important segment of vehicle sales and auto industry profits and is a segment currently devoid of production electric vehicles, this could have a huge impact and would, once again, place Tesla far ahead of the competition.

When one considers that the future of transport is going to be electric and that Tesla will be offering vehicles in almost every segment of vehicles, it is little wonder that Tesla recently became the most valuable auto manufacturer in America.

The best thing about this for consumers is that they will soon be able to greatly contribute to reducing pollution while simultaneously withdrawing financial support from Big Oil and preventing future wars over, and because of, oil. And it won’t involve making a big sacrifice anymore, which should make wide-spread adoption feasible on a global scale.

Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017 · 5:43:05 PM CDT · Lawrence

Since a majority of readers are answering the poll with “yeah, as soon as I can afford one”, I am going to link to some diaries by Assaf that show how an electric car can be acquired for little money and how there also are numerous options for new(and affordable) electric vehicles:

Are you ready for an electric vehicle?

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  • Yeah, as soon as I can afford one. 51%
  • Sure thing, as soon as the model that covers my needs comes out. 25%
  • Yeah, as soon as my place of residence offers electric charging. 7%
  • I already have one and am soon installing a solar power system to juice it up with the sun. 1%
  • Are you kidding? I like the greasy oil stinkers! 1%
  • Only if it can deliver pie to my house. 1%