Navistar Launches New Business For Electrification

Navistar's NEXT eMobility Solutions to develop electric trucks and school buses.

Navistar announced recently a new business unit - NEXT eMobility Solutions - envisioned for customized electrification solutions (trucks and school buses).

The plan is to introduce on the market thefirst EVs next year:

  • from late 2020 electric school buses (IC Bus)
  • from early 2021 medium-duty electric trucks (International Truck)

"NEXT eMobility Solutions is dedicating a world-class, lean engineering team to developing the best products in the electric vehicle space, using a unique consultative philosophy that embraces the full range of customers' needs.

Vehicles developed by NEXT will be offered under the International Truck and IC Bus nameplates and will be sold and supported by International Truck and IC Bus dealers, respectively."

Persio Lisboa, Navistar executive vice president and Chief Operating Officer said:

"Companies interested in operating electric trucks have more questions than answers; they are looking for a partner who also brings clarity. NEXT combines the technical expertise required to develop leading electric vehicles with the industry experience to deliver custom solutions that go beyond the vehicle."

"NEXT will combine the lean and agile approach of a start-up with the proven engineering and manufacturing capabilities of Navistar. The team is well positioned to deliver rapid, customer-focused innovations in the eMobility space."

International eMV Series concept

At the North American Commercial Vehicle Show (October 28-31, 2019) Navistar unveiled an all-new International eMV Series concept.

It's an all-electric version of MV Series with up to 250 miles (400 km) of range:

  • range of up to 250 miles (400 km) *with 321 kWh battery pack
  • 107-321 kWh battery options
  • 474 kW (peak) electric motor and 300 kW continuous

"The International eMV Series concept is based on the production version of the diesel-powered International MV Series.  The truck features a redesigned aerodynamic hood for superior visibility and is powered by an electric motor with peak power of over 474 kW—or 645 HP—allowing it to be able to pull any load required.  The continuous power is 300 kW, or more than 400 HP, which is available at all times. The system, exclusive to Navistar, enables peak efficiency across the entire operating range.

The vehicle was designed to accommodate multiple battery capacity options that range from 107 to 321 kilowatt hours.  Navistar believes customers operating a truck with a 321 kWh battery in typical pickup and delivery cycles should expect to be able to travel up to 250 miles on a single charge."

Source: 11/2/19