The proliferation of connected entertainment devices is disrupting content distribution.

Nearly one-half of broadband households own a Smart TV, and one-third own a streaming media player. All CE form factory now offer streaming capabilities, which have precipitated an explosion of OTT services. Yet, both manufacturers and content creators/distributors are looking ahead to the next form factors to get an edge on the next wave of content distribution.

Companies in the entertainment IoT space are watching virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to see the impact of these trends on content and consumer engagement. The key to wider adoption is for people to experience these technologies firsthand. Pokemon Go exposed many Smartphone users, particularly Millennials, to AR. however, following such a rabid interested in the summer of 2016, uncertainty remains as to whether Pokemon Go is a one-off phenomenon or if it truly signals a shift in content distribution that other companies can exploit.

Source: ISE Magazine, January 2017, Volume 35, Issue 1