ATS Develops Additional Repair Programs for Interactive Jukebox Company

DATE: January 6, 2016

Advanced Technical Services (ATS) president David Vikartofsky announced today that the company has developed two repair programs for an international Interactive Jukebox Company. Both repair programs involve the repair of embedded equipment in digital jukeboxes used in the U.S. and abroad. The first repair program is to repair embedded signal amplifiers used to amplify jukebox sound. The second repair program is to repair embedded computer systems used within the jukeboxes to control the systems operating environment. The two repair programs will provide support for both U.S. and International Jukebox deployments. Mr. Vikartofsky noted that these additional repair programs will deepen the companies’ already strong relationship with this customer and will broaden the services they can offer to all other customers. No further details were available at this time.

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