Depot Repair

Services Offered

Advanced Technical Services offers a variety of depot repair services to help customers reduce cost, reduce cycle times and increase customer satisfaction.

The ATS team is committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout the process and offers a variety of depot repair solutions to streamline the RMA and repair process. Customers can choose from several options to design the depot repair process that best suits their unique business needs.

Our dedicated in-house technical staff enables faster repair cycle times and our advanced exchange and warranty screening programs reduce cost and ensure certain critical equipment is available when and where it is needed most.

Certified & Trained Technical Staff

Since 1981, our team of highly skilled engineers, technicians, and warehouse support staff have supported the needs of global OEM customers. Since inception the company has repaired over 30 million electronic products for their customers.

Advanced Exchanged Programs

Our Advanced Exchanged Programs help minimize customer wait time by sending pretested products out to customers in advance of their defective returns. Advanced Exchange Programs can be a valuable addition to any depot repair operation and have been consistently shown to improve customers satisfaction and loyalty across many industry groups.


 Warranty Screening

The ATS team offers warranty screening programs to help our customers reduce warranty costs. All incoming products are screened for warranty status and processed according to customer designed specifications. Warranty screening consistently lowers the total cost of repair by improving the effectiveness of a depot repair process.

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