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Approved EV Charging Solutions

What sets ATS and EV Energy's offerings apart from the competition?

  • Next generation hardware that provides self diagnostic fault reports
  • Thee year full-replacement warranty, triggered by the charger's data
  • Best lead times in the industry, currently delivering in 3 months
  • Installation, deployment and O&M packages available
  • OCPP allows any network for easy integration with BlueOval Charge Network (BOCN)
  • Offerings exceed Ford's Corporate requirements at lowest prices in the market
  • Acompany that was built on servicing dealers (ATS, formerly known as D&B Auto Radio)


Approved EV Charging Solutions

Has your dealership committed to being Model e Certified or Model e Certified Elite with Ford?

Advanced Technical Services, a reputable dealer partner for over 40 years, is ready to lead you into the next generation of power at your facility.

Where as Ford estimates over $500,000 in initial dealer investment to become Model e Certified and $1.2 million by 2026 to become an Elite dealer, our suggested charger solution can provide dealers with the road to Elite level access at a fraction of the expected costs.

Equipment Cost
150kW DP DC Fast Charger 3
DC Cable Management System3
5 Year Warranty3
19.2kW Level 2 DP Charger3
5 Year Warranty3

Corporate EVSE Requirements for Model e Dealers:

 Model e CertifiedModele Certified Elite
# of DC Fast Chargers1123
# of Level 2 Chargers5656
# of NEMA Ports*58714
Festimated 0.5 NEMA for every service bay


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