Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Here are some questions/answers to our typically asked questions regarding our services.

General Company Questions

How long has ATS been in business and why was it started?

Advanced Technical Services was founded as D&B Auto Radio, Inc. in September of 1981. The company’s sole mission was to improve the level of automotive electronics repair service that currently existed during that time.

The company grew rapidly and was awarded warranty repair contracts with General Motors, Ford and Chrysler to repair a variety of automotive electronic products including; radios, electronic speedometers, climate controls and engine control computers.

The company also supported thousands of independent automobile dealers nationwide with both warranty and out of warranty repair service.

In 1996, in addition to its work with automotive customers, the company began supporting Telecom and Cable customers under the name of Advanced Technical Services.

What does it mean to be ISO certified?

Being an ISO certified company means that we hold our management, staff and technicians to a higher standard of quality then non-ISO certified companies. The company is audited to current quality standards every year by an approved independent quality auditing company. This annual audit insures that we are meeting or exceeding quality standards and are continually improving our processes.

What industries does ATS currently work in? What does ATS do in each?

  • Automotive
    • Work directly with the Automotive OEM’s on depot repair services, warehousing,  fulfillment and other value added services
  • Telecommunications
    • Supports rectifiers repairs for both individual Telecom customers and large OEM's
    • North American Depot Repair Center for Eltek a Delta Company
  • Wireless
    • Provides , warehousing, fulfillment, assembly and repair
  • Marine
    • Repairs marine clusters for a variety of OEM’s and individual customers
  • Digital Signage & Interactive Kiosk
    • Works directly with OEM to offer depot repair services, warehousing, fulfillment and other value added services
    • North American Depot Repair Center for TouchTunes and PlayNetwork
  • CATV
    • Repairs rectifier and cable distribution equipment
    • Authorized Repair Center for Comcast and Mediacom
  • Homeland Security
    • Assembled and shipped camera systems for major cities and major political events

Rectifiers & Cable Distribution Equipment

What is the standard warranty for a rectifier / cable distribution equipment repair?

ATS warranty on most repair services is 1 year from the date of the service.

What is a typical turnaround time for a rectifier / cable distribution equipment repair?

ATS' typical repair turnaround time is approximately 1-2 weeks on most repairs.

Value Added Services

What value added services can ATS add to my company?

ATS provides many value added services for company across many industries and worldwide.