Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Remanufacturing Services

As the shift to electric vehicles intensifies, one thing is clear: the world needs a charging network infrastructure.  Much like the gas and petroleum stations of the past, EV charging stations are the energy suppliers of the future.  Soon, filling up at an EV charging station will be as common as pumping gas.

With this growth of electric vehicle charging stations will come the need for qualified remanufacturing and repair centers to provide full reverse logistics and OEM repair support.  However, the high-power remanufacturing requirements for EV charging equipment won’t be available at most current automotive electronic repair facilities.  With the over 575 KW of power needed for proper repair and load testing, many small repair shops won’t be capable or certified of providing remanufacturing services on EV charging equipment.

Advanced Technical Services has both the high-power capabilities and the extensive automotive electronic remanufacturing history to meet the repair needs of the EV charging OEMs. Our Advance Exchange programs, rapid repair cycle-times and ISO 9001 Registration make us the ideal partner for your EV charging equipment remanufacturing and repair services.  With over 30 million OEM electronic products remanufactured or repaired since 1981, we have the technical expertise and industry experience to create a customized solution for your EV charging equipment repair needs. 

For over 40 years, OEM customers in the automotive, telecom and CATV industries have relied on us for both high-power and high-volume electronic remanufacturing and repair services.  We are dedicated to our OEM customers and focus on our three key drivers of quality, cost and delivery to ensure “total customer satisfaction” in every program we manage.  

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With our background in high-powered rectifier repair coupled with our extensive experience in automotive electronics remanufacturing, Advanced Technical Services is uniquely positioned to support your EV charging equipment and EVSE repair needs. Our technical team of engineers, technicians and component replacement specialists will work with OEM customers to help design, develop and implement an EV charging equipment remanufacturing solution to meet your specific needs. 

  • Program development: We help develop the remanufacturing and testing requirements to meet or exceed OEM specifications.
  • Program turn up and implementation: Our team sets up, tests and evaluates all stages of the remanufacturing and repair process to ensure procedures and final results meet or exceed OEM requirements.
  • Data collection: Remanufacturing and repair data is recorded and shared only with our OEM customer. All incoming repairs are entered into our Work-In-Process system. Reports are available to our customers via the portal. 
  • Advanced exchange and core management: Our Advance Exchange and Core Management services improve customer satisfaction by delivering new or remanufactured units to customers prior to defective unit return. This minimizes charging equipment downtime. Our customer service team tracks defective core returns to keep Advance Exchanges available on an as-needed basis.
  • Warehousing and fulfillment: Our warehousing and fulfillment services help support Advance Exchange programs by keeping new or remanufactured units closer to the customer for fast cycle timelines.


EV Charging Equipment Products Supported

We remanufacture all products with a focus on sustainability. Our company was founded in 1981 and has since adopted many environmentally friendly ways to remanufacture products for clients in diverse industries. We follow an environmental policy that involves limiting waste, reducing emissions and recycling while completing OEM orders on time and with the best quality standards in the industry.

We partner with automotive OEMs from around the world. From high-power electric control unit remanufacturing to EV charging equipment support, we have the knowledge, resources and equipment to remanufacture and repair, down to the component level. 

Some of the EV charging equipment components we can repair and remanufacture include:

  • Converters
  • Power Modules, Power Blocks, and Power Supplies
  • Power Control Units (PCU)
  • Battery Monitoring Systems (BMS)
  • Rectifiers
  • Dispensers

We're prepared to complete the following EV charging equipment tasks:

  • EV battery management component remanufacturing
  • EV charger component repairs
  • EV power module remanufacturing
  • EV power control unit remanufacturing
  • EV charger load testing

Why Choose ATS for EV Charging Solutions?

ATS has a history of working with automotive leaders for over four decades. We have had the opportunity to support key automotive manufacturers, including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Visteon and Delphi.  For the past 20 years, we have supported the remanufacturing of high-power telecom equipment in the form of high-power rectifiers, AC-DC inverters and DC-DC converters.

Our ISO-based quality systems help us deliver high-quality solutions for OEM customers. All ATS programs follow a documented Advanced Planning Quality Process (APQP) or a Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) to ensure high quality remanufacturing from the very first unit.  In fact, ATS has such high-quality standards that we have one of the lowest return rates in the industry at .25%.  Our high-quality standards have attracted OEMs with unique remanufacturing and reverse engineering requirements.  Even through challenges, we’ve been able to achieve our “total customer satisfaction” goals of quality, cost and delivery.

Our team and facility bring our high-quality standards to life.  All EV drivetrain charging equipment remanufacturing processes and personnel will be OHSA approved, have designated high-powered warehouse testing and repair space and managed by ATS inhouse electrical engineers.

If you have questions about remanufacturing and repair services for EV charging equipment, contact us today.

Speak to an ATS Representative About Your Needs Today