CATV Broadband

CATV NodeProviding critical power support solutions to cable and media head-end locations.

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ATS provides our cable operator customers the ability to customize an efficient repair and return solution that delivers lower cost and higher customer satisfaction. Based on specific customer requirements, we provide our customers with faster repair times and lower cost solutions than current providers. ATS customers realize significant reductions in both cost and repair cycle times when utilizing our depot repair services.

ATS offers programs that extend from direct head-end support and component level repair of rectifiers, power supplies, amplifiers to advance exchange and core management solutions designed to reduce equipment down time in head-end locations. ATS also supports repair and return solutions administered through a cable company’s central distribution center. In all cases, we work closely with the customer to insure they receive the solution that best fits the needs of the cable operator.

Changing Head-end Landscape - More Services/Same Network

Head-end managers today are dealing with more challenges than ever before. With the advent of digital, High Definition, Internet and telephone services, more and more demands are being placed on the network. Ever growing customer demand for voice, video and data, through a single network into the home, will continue to challenge head-end locations for years to come.

In a rapidly growing and changing environment like this, head-end managers must rely on solid and experienced partners to help insure that their critical equipment remains operational at all times. Additionally, selected partners must deliver increased head-end customer satisfaction by providing lower cost repairs and faster cycle times.

Services Offered

  • Component-level diagnostics and repair
  • Depot repair services
  • Expedited repair services
  • Past model support
  • Advance exchange programs
  • Same unit repair
  • Estimates

Products Supported

  • Rectifiers
  • UPS Systems
  • Amplifiers
  • Outside plant
  • DC/DC Converters
  • VA Limiters
  • Inverters



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