Upgrade your older FLM-Series Power Supplies to FLM-6015

In addition to ATS power supply repair services, we are pleased to announce two new FLM-6015 power supply service support programs.

The first is an upgrade of your older FLM series units to a FLM-6015. All units will be fully upgraded and remanufactured to the original specifications of the FLM-6015 and will include a 1-year warranty*

Below are the current FLM-Series units that are available for upgrade.

Model From Model To Input Output Current Rating (Amp) From Current Rating (Amp) To Pricing
FLM-6006 FLM-6015 120 vac 60 vac 6 15 $375.00
FLM-6009 FLM-6015 120 vac 60 vac 9 15 $375.00
FLM-6012 FLM-6015 120 vac 60 vac 12 15 $375.00

In addition ATS is now offering fully re-manufactured FLM-6015 units available for purchase for $399.00 (while supplies last).

Both programs include the replacement of transformer, capacitor and all required parts as needed.

*Warranty includes all parts and labor for normal failures. Fluid intrusion, physical damage, electrical over stress and acts of God are specifically excluded from the ATS 1-year warranty.

Please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions you have regarding any of the ATS power supply repair or upgrade programs