Advanced Technical Services Rolls Out MSO Flat Rate Pricing for Cable Distribution Equipment Repair

ATS President Dave Vikartofsky announced today that the company has implemented flat rate repair pricing on cable distribution equipment repairs for all their MSO customers. Regarding the change, Mr. Vikartofsky said that the ATS management team had been evaluating the feasibility of flat rate pricing for several quarters and felt that now was the appropriate time to implement the change.

He further stated that his company had pioneered flat rate pricing in the early 1980's in the automotive electronics repair business. Flat rate pricing helps our MSO customers better manage their repair budgets and aids in their expense planning processes. Over time, we have developed enough repair history to know what our costs will be in most typical repairs.

Our flat rate repair process even incorporates the replacement of preventative maintenance components that we know are highly likely to fail before they do. Replacing these known high failure rate items helps us continue to deliver the highest level of repair quality in the industry.

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