ATS Announces CATV Flat Rate Pricing Program on Cable Distribution Equipment

August 30, 2016

Advanced Technical Services President, Dave Vikartofsky announced today that the company is piloting several flat- rate repair programs on their cable distribution equipment.

The company indicated that they have had a number of customers and locations utilizing the flat rate pricing program for several months now and so far it has been well received.

"Our customers want to know up-front what their repair costs are going to be" said Mr. Vikartofsky. Our flat rate pricing program gives them that information earlier in the repair process which helps them better manage their internal planning and budgeting processes.   Flat-rate pricing also helps us process customer orders faster as we no longer have to wait for repair order approvals.

If the ongoing pilot programs continue to go well the company expects to roll out flat rate pricing to all their MSO customers later this year or in 2017.

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