Data Driven

Everything in today’s world is driven by data. The remanufacturing and repair industry is no different as customers rely on data to improve their products and services.

Eltek is a manufacturer of high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion products. Most of their equipment is manufactured in EMEA and APAC. As the North American Depot Repair Center for Eltek, any product in NAM that needs repair gets sent to Advanced Technical Services.

As part of Eltek’s repair process, ATS fully tests and inspects 100% of units that come in the door. Data produced during pre-inspection of one of Eltek’s most popular rectifier modules showed a common trend: the units were generating lower voltage than required to one of the power circuits. After further inspection and testing, it was determined that the units were manufactured with the incorrect value resistor.

The ATS Remanufacturing team informed Eltek of their findings then replaced the resistors with the correct value to solve the powering issue. Eltek was able to quickly pivot and use the data provided by ATS to modify their manufacturing specifications and proactively solve a problem before their units experienced failures in the field.

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