Outsourcing – A Continuous Improvement Strategy

Every business has room for improvement and companies that can improve quickly in all areas of the organization gain the competitive edge. Outsourcing can be an effective tool in your Continuous Improvement Program and is an efficient use of limited resources.

Implementing and maintaining an effective Continuous Improvement Program is essential in today’s highly competitive environment. An effective Continuous Improvement Program is one that is integrated into all levels of the organization and utilizes a team approach philosophy.

All Continuous Improvement Programs share commons features: Identify opportunities for improvement; Measure the opportunities; Verify Performance and improvements; Review and support improvement activities; Audit and refocus activities.

Designating Champions and Teams to opportunity areas drive improvement by utilizing corrective and preventative action tools such as FMEA (failure mode effects analysis), control plans, root cause corrective action, statistical process control among others. Outsourcing is another tool that can be used to drive improvements. Specialized partners that understand the improvement process can support your goals as one of your teams.

Outsourcing your forward and reverse logistics needs such as order fulfillment, component level repair, and asset recovery to a partner like Advanced Technical Services (ATS), gives you several competitive advantages.
• Focus your improvement efforts on your core business gaining a more efficient improvement process.
• Customized solutionImprovment Cycles including key metrics that support your processes.
• Flexible partner that responds promptly to your changing needs.
• Be confident that ATS follows the same quality philosophy as your organization.

Utilizing the flexibility, strengths and expertise of a partner that embraces the continuous improvement philosophy and that can grow and change with your organization, makes Advanced Technical Services the clear choice in supporting your continuous improvement strategy to outsource.

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