Rectifiers, Inverters and Controllers

Providing replacement(New, Used, Surplus) and repair solutions to DC Plant / critical power equipment including systems, rectifiers, controllers, and much more. The list below is only a sampling of the devices supported. Call or email if you have a specific need not listed.

Manufacturer Model / Description Part Number
Alcatel Lucent 950W Power Rectifier ES661C
Alcatel Lucent 596B5
Alcatel Lucent dc to dc power supply converter 494LA S-13
Alcatel Lucent 408646040 / KS-24510L1A / CPC-A
Alcatel Lucent Rectifier ES460C
Alcatel Lucent 596B3
Alcatel Lucent Fan 107378036
Alcatel Lucent 3DH03228AJ
Alcatel Lucent MDR8000 Power Amplifier 3DH04136AD
Alcatel Lucent KS24510L2A / 408646032 / CPC-B
Alcatel Lucent KS24671L6
Alcatel Lucent 596B
Alcatel Lucent Lucent Rectifier Input:120/240VAC Output 48VDC ES660C
Alcatel Lucent Lucent Rectifier Input:120/240VAC Output 48VDC ES660
Alcatel Lucent 595A part (POWER UNIT  380/480 V  65 V)
Alcatel Lucent OC-12 OHCTL BBG8B
Alcatel Lucent Fan 106526742
Alcatel Lucent 140A (140A 102742848)
Alcatel Lucent 1680-OGX - Assembly, ACm Module 644-0018-011
Alcatel Lucent APU1PS595AA 595AA
Alcatel Lucent APU1PS595B 595B
Alcatel Lucent APU1PS595A2 595A2
Alcatel Lucent 3DH03236AB
Alcatel Lucent MDR8000 Power Amplifier 3DH03218AF
Alcatel Lucent 3DH03164AA
Alcatel Lucent 3DH03155AA
Alcatel Lucent 3DH03155AB
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 Demodulator 644-0166-001
Alcatel Lucent MDR4000 Power Amplifier 622-8731-007
Alcatel Lucent MDR4000 Power Amp 622-8731-011
Alcatel Lucent MDR4000 Power AMP UD-51D 622-9032-001
Alcatel Lucent MDR4000 Power AMP UD-51D 622-9032-010
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 Power Amplifier 644-0066-002
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 Power Amplifier 644-0066-003
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 Power Amplifier 644-0066-004
Alcatel Lucent MDR4000 Power Amplifier 644-0066-005
Alcatel Lucent MDR4000 Power Amplifier 644-0066-008
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 Power Amplifier 644-0066-010
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 Power Amp 644-0156-003
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 Power Amp 644-0156-006
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 Pwr Amp 6Ghz 644-0327-001
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 Pwr Amp 6Ghz 644-0327-002
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 6GHz Power Amp 644-0327-003
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 Pwr Amp 6Ghz 644-0327-004
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 Pwr Amp 6Ghz 644-0327-005
Alcatel Lucent MDR6000 Pwr Amp 6Ghz 644-0327-006
Alcatel Lucent MDR4000-5000 Power Amp 822-0172-002
Alcatel Lucent MDR4000-5000 Power Amp; +29dm PA that covers 5850-5910MHz 822-0172-005
Alcatel Lucent MDR4000-5000 Power Amp 822-0172-006
Alcatel Lucent MDR4000-5000 Power Amp 822-0172-007
Alcatel Lucent MDR4000-5000 Power Amp 822-0172-010
Alcatel Lucent Power Amplifier 3DH03218AD
Alcatel Lucent Power Amplifier 3DH03218AG
Alcatel Lucent MDR7000 I/O CARD 644-0395-001
Alcatel Lucent 3DH03169AA
Alcatel Lucent 3DH03231AB
Alcatel Lucent 3DH03231AC
Alcatel Lucent 3DH03231AL
Alcatel Lucent 3DH04136AC
Alcatel Lucent 3DH04136AJ
Alcatel Lucent Power Amp 3EM04070AEAA
Alcatel Lucent PCB ETHERNET I/O 3EM16169AA
Alcatel Lucent 3DH03131AA
Alcatel Lucent Down Converter 644-0172-001
Alcatel Lucent LO UM-62AN-1 644-0080-001
Alcatel Lucent 408827475
Alcatel Lucent 109735266
Alcatel Lucent 849142997
Alcatel Lucent 849142617
Alcatel Lucent 109762815
Alcatel Lucent SLI-Mod Alarm Ext 109736348
Alcatel Lucent Reeiver 11GHZ Radio 3DH03231
Alcatel Lucent (Terayon) NP0800
Alcatel Lucent (Tyco) 596B4
Alcatel Lucent / Tyco 595A3
Alcatel Lucent / Tyco 595B2
Alcatel Lucent / Tyco / Lineage Power 595B3
Alpha 010-594-20
Alpha 010-594-20-040
Alpha 010-558-20
Alpha 010-548-20
Alpha 0100002-002
Alpha (Cordex) 48-3.6kW rectifier 010-623-20
Alpha (Cordex) 010-623-20-040
Alpha (Cordex) Cordex CXCM4 Controller, 24V 018-574-20-046
Alpha (Cordex) Cordex CXCM4 Controller, 24V 018-574-20-400
Alpha (Cordex) Cordex CXRF 48V 1.8kW,Rectifier,Module 010-580-20-040
Alpha (Cordex) 48-3.6kW rectifier 010-600-20-040
Alpha Argus Pathfinder 48V-10Kw Power Module 010-547-20
Alpha Argus Pathfinder Rectifier 010-562-20
Alpha Argus Rectifier 010-029-20
Alpha Argus Rectifier 010-030-20
Alpha Argus RST 48/50 Rectifier 010-002-20
Alpha Argus Intelligent Supervisory Panel 24V SMO2 018-534-20
Alpha Argus RST 24/100 Rectifier 010-013-20
Alpha Argus CSM11 PM 24V/48V 1kW DC/DC converter 012-548-20
Alpha Argus CXDF24-44 2.2kw Converter,Module 012-526-20-040
Alpha Argus RSM 48/10 SUPPLY MODULE 018-550-20
Alpha Argus RSM 48/10 Rectifier Module 010-528-20
Alpha Argus 010-570-20-041
Alpha Argus 010-024-20
Alpha Argus DC/DC Converter 012-501-20
Alpha Argus Rectifier Module Case 010-024-20-83
Alpha Argus 010-570-20
Alpha Argus Rectifier 010-572-20
Alpha Argus 010-572-20-040
Alpha Argus 010-567-20-040
Alpha Argus Pathfinder 010-539-20
Alpha Argus Pathfinder 010-537-20
Alpha Argus 010-567-20
Alpha Cordex 010-571-20
Alpha Argus 010-546-20
Alpha Argus Argus Cordex Series Shelf 030-716-20-042
Alpha Argus CSM 02/012-502-20
Alpha Argus DC/DC Converter 012-512-20
Alpha Argus 704-666-20-009D 704-666-20
Alpha Argus 704-797-50-005C 704-797-50
Alpha Argus DCB05 Front Access Distribution Center 020-569-20
Alpha Argus 744-669-20-041G 744-669-20
Alpha Argus Panel Mount Controller 018-557-20-151
Alpha Argus Controller 018-574-20-045
Alpha Argus Inverter 014-201-20
Alpha Argus DC/DC Converter 012-012-20
Alpha Argus Pathfinder 010-539-20-LCD
Alpha Argus 010-529-20
Alpha Argus (Cordex) Cordex CXCM4 Control Module 018-574-20
Alpha Pathfinder 010-537-R0-041
Benning Power Benning 46393 120028.2
Benning Power 300HD Rectifier 120941.11
Benning Power 120753.34
Benning Power 120852.34
Benning Power 120941.20
Benning Power Static Bypass 5000 120416.2
C&D Technologies HFM24BC150 Rectifier 24v150A 100-7520-00A
Cherokee International SP428A-1A 660-90202-A0
Delta Electronics DPS-730AB (rev c)
Eaton APR48 Series
Eaton APR48-3G
Eaton APR48-ES
Eaton NPR48
Eaton Power Moduel Axxium Pro ASY-0673
Eaton CR48-3G
Emerson AP7C56AE
Emerson BML440020/1 PBP2BXMDAA (A7000430L)
Emerson V65/85B50 Rectifier 486533700
Emerson LXP1500 486534204
Emerson LXP1750 486534600
Emerson CONVERTER MHSB20A PWPCM40EAA. 486800128
Emerson Controller AP7C56BA
Emerson BML440010/1 PBP2BWMDAA (A7000545L)
Emerson BML440010/1 PBP2BWMDAB (A7000545L)
Emerson AP5C56AB
Emerson A30B30 486527501
Emerson R48-3500 BML440066/1
Emerson R48-2000
Emerson R48-2000h
Emerson 500W RECTIFIER 1R48500
Emerson Power Bay 582140000
Emerson Interconnect/LVD Inhibit Circuit Card 509532
Emerson Circuit Card 509537
Emerson BML440040/1
Emerson BML440066/1
Emerson R48-800 (1R48800)
Emerson R48-2000e
Emerson Converter, C24/48-1500, 24 to 48V,31A 1C24481500
Emerson R48-3500E (1R483500E)
Emerson AP6C74CA
Emerson 502 Eco Rectifier BML440032/1
Emerson (Candeo) AP5C71DA BML403210/1 (A0885641L)
Emerson (Candeo) AP5C71CA BML403200/1  PBP2G0YDAA (A0885639L)
Emerson (Candeo) AP5C70AC (A7000745)
Emerson (Candeo) AP5C70AA (A0785070)
Emerson (Candeo) AP5C70AB (A0899131)
Emerson (Netsure) LPS200D50 486534000
Emerson (Netsure) LPS200D50 208VAC Input 486534001
Emerson (Netsure) LPS200E50 486532601
Emerson (Netsure) LPS200D50 486534003
Emerson (Netsure) LPS200E50 (R48-11600) 486532602
Emerson (Netsure) R48-3200E
Emerson (Netsure) R48-3200
Emerson (Netsure) LPS200E50 486532603
Emerson (Netsure) RS48-3200
Emerson (Netsure) Netsure 721
Emerson (Netsure) Netsure 802
Emerson Astec Helios NT5C05CD-61
Emerson Astec Helios NT5C06DB S-01 PBPUBTAAAA
Emerson Astec Helios NT5C06DB S-02 PBPUBTAAAD
Emerson Astec Helios NT5C06DB S-12 PBPUBTAAAH
Emerson Astec Helios Nortel NT5C07AC
Emerson Lorain V200E50 486531000
Emerson Lorain V200E50 486531001
Emerson Lorain A50B50 486522200
Emerson Lorain MZ10F50 486521600
Emerson Lorain V25B50 486530300
Emerson Lorain A100F25 527404100
Emerson Lorain A100B25 Rectifier 486523000
Emerson Lorain MZHSA3B 486884600
Emerson Lorain V100B25 Rectifier 486529600
Emerson Lorain V150/180B25 Rectifier 486534100
Emerson Lorain V100B25 Rectifier 486529602
Emerson Lorain A50B50 486523401
Emerson Lorain A50B50 486523403
Emerson Lorain A50B50 486523406
Emerson Lorain V130B25 Rectifier 486531902
Emerson Lorain A100B25 Rectifier 486523001
Emerson Lorain A25B50 486525100
Emerson Lorain V15F50/P 486530400
Emerson Lorain MZ10F50 486524601
Emerson Lorain R48-5800
Emerson Lorain MHSA10B DC-DC Converter Module 24 to -48V 10 Amp 486800127
Emerson Lorain V200E50 486531003
Emerson Lorain A50B50 486524800
Emerson Lorain A50B50 486525500
Emerson Lorain V50B50 486529900
Emerson Lorain V50B50 486529901
Emerson Lorain A25B50 486526900
Emerson Lorain A2F50 58824700002
Emerson Lorain Alarm Board 433800216
Emerson Lorain Meter Card 433800219
Emerson Lorain Regulator & Alarm Card 4865-145
Emerson Lorain Meter Panel Card 433867600
Emerson Lorain V150/180B25
Emerson Lorain Meter Panel Card 433867700
Emerson Lorain V200D50 486527803
Emerson Lorain 415103200
Emerson Lorain 428107800
Emerson Lorain 428109700
Emerson Lorain 486774200
Emerson Lorain 486796100
Emerson Lorain V75CAB 582130001 (Shelf)
Emerson Lorain Marconi V130B25 Rectifier 486531900
Emerson Lorain Marconi V100B25 Rectifier 486529601
Emerson Lorain Vortex V65B50 486531800
Emerson Lorain Vortex V85/105B50 486533900
Emerson Lorian V200D50 486527801
Emerson Lorian V50B50 486529902
Emerson Lorian Marconi Vortex V30F25/P 486529500
Exeltech Transfer Switch
Exeltech MX1000 power inverter
Exeltech MX control card
GE Replaced the 596A2 CC109167581
GE Rectifier 596D
GE Replaced the 596D CC109167573
GE (Lineage) CC109160834 NE100AC24ATEZ
GE (Lineage) NE050AC48ATEZ CC109158878
GE (Lineage) NE050AC48 CC109124913
GE (Tyco / Lucent) Rectifier 596A
GE (Tyco / Lucent) 596A2
GE (Tyco) ES760A
Harmer and Simmons PAU - 04/502/006/0
Invensys / Eaton / Switchtec R5848
Invensys / Eaton / Switchtec R5848-11
Invensys / Eaton / Switchtec R5848-15
Invensys / Eaton / Switchtec R5848-55
Invensys / Eaton / Switchtec R2948
Lineage / Tyco / Lucent 595LTA (108979238R)
Lineage / Tyco / Lucent 595LTB
M.G.E. (owned by Eaton) Topaz S3 72-153068
M.G.E. (owned by Eaton) Topaz S3 63104-95
Magnetek Controller PSC500
Magnetek Rectifier Module 54.5V/1400W 38749910000
MARCONI Transfer Switch STM150
MARCONI TRIB 3X45MB/S G.703 131-7683/02
MARCONI STM-4 S-4.1 131-8681/83
MDS Transmitter TX-953.95000
Motorola GX2 Laser Trans GX2-LM1000B6
Motorola 660-90199-B0
Motorola MPC 3 SECTOR STLF4005C
Motorola GL13 DC SGLN6266BC
Motorola AC Power Supply GX2-PSAC10C
Motorola DC Power Supply GX2-PSDC10C
Murata Power MPS Power Supply MES0508-60AA800
Next Level Communications (owned by Motorola) Power Supply 660-00199-A0
Next Level Communications (owned by Motorola) 660-00309-A0
Next Level Communications (owned by Motorola) 660-00466-B0
Nortel (owned by Ciena) Duplexer Combiner Module for B, TS Cabinet NTQA51DA
Peco II (Owned by GE) SM8H48-1PM
Peco II (Owned by GE) SM10H48-2PM
Peco II (Owned by GE) SM50H48D
Peco II (Owned by GE) SM100F48PM
Peco II (Owned by GE) Rectifier SM50F48PM
Peco II (Owned by GE) Inverter 10 AMPS SI10A120PME
Peco II (Owned by GE) 24V/100A SM100F24-UP
Peco II (Owned by GE) Rectifier SM100F24P
Peco II (Owned by GE) Rectifier SM100F24PM
Peco II (Owned by GE) Delta Rectifier SM100H24D
Peco II (Owned by GE) DC PWR, RCTFR,30 AMP, 48VDC SM30H48PM-3
Peco II (Owned by GE) Rectifier SM100K48PM-MF1
Power One 1-136367 PMP25.24B Power Supply
Power One 24V/110A DC PMP25.24A Power Supply 1-37788
Power One 1-144089 PMP25.24C Power Supply
Power One XR1648s
Power One FMP 16.48
Power One HVR48/100 10A0065-000 Rev H
Power One SFP450-S101G
Power One FMP1648
Power One Rectifier 10A0055-005
Power One NHS3011-C0014 25V/70A Rectifier 10A0067-000
Power One 44-56Vdc/1600W 1-143740
Power One HVR48/75 Rectifier 10A0061-001
Power One / Magnetek BB1A-V5B45BC3DH PS000007
POWERWAVE Gen 2.8 MCPA Module, 90 Watt MCA9129-90
POWERWAVE Twin 1900MHZ Tower Mounted Amp - Dual Duplexed Filled LGP18601
POWERWAVE GEN 3.1 180W Linear Amplifier G3S-800-180-029
POWERWAVE Power Amplifier G3L-850-135
Ratelco Constant Voltage Rectifier 100B-3597-18B
Ratelco Constant Voltage Rectifier 100B-3597-28A
Ratelco 100-7530-48A Rectifier 48V/30A HFM4830
Rectifier Technologies RT8-48V/50A
Rectifier Technologies RT1S100
TDI SPS4237 AC/DC Power Supply 09004-43731-5
TDI SPS4271 Power Supply 09004-44400-2
TDI Rectifier 129197-8
TDI (Transdev Electronics ) MER12WRB-N48D00 09004-136874-N48D00
TDI (Transdev Electronics ) 136874-N48D00-LF
Tyco Rectifier 364A3
Tyco Rectifier QS865A
Tyco Converter 47A
Tyco Rectifier 364B2
Tyco Rectifier 596B6
Tyco Power Unit 128A
Tyco Shelf 597A
Tyco / Alcatel Lucent Rectifier SR50/48V 364A
Tyco / Alcatel Lucent SR50/-48V Rectifier 364A2
Tyco / Alcatel Lucent Rectifier 364B
Vcom ARD-351312-00
Vecima CV100 Verison VC1126
Vecima MDU Gateway TC1200
Vecima PS48VDC3/5/12V300W-01
Vecima PS3/5/12V300W-03
Vecima Vcom CV1107
Vecima Vcom CV1126RF