AGC DSIM (Digital Station Intelligence Manager) Upgrades

Let ATS add ACI DSIM technology to every amplifier / line extender repair completed.

ATS offers installation of the ACI AGC module with all units sent in for repair. Pricing will include repair and part cost, no additional labor will be charged.


The Digital Station Intelligence Manager (DSIM) is a gain control module with cost effective local station diagnostics right on the board. The DSIM AGC module gain control function allows for QAM or analog carriers from channels 52 to 142 to be selected as pilot or can be set to operate in thermal mode with 9, 18 or 27 dB of cable.

The DSIM Controller is a portable tool that is used to set the pilot channel/thermal AGC dB cable settings in the AGC modules. The LED red/blue lights indicate the current operational mode setting.

Key Features:

  • Direct drop in replacements for most AGC modules 
  • Intelligent Setup - self calibrating & auto aligning
  • Up to 40 days of data can be downloaded
  • Pilot frequency settings can be reprogrammed as needed with DSIM controller
  • Pilot modulation types—QAM, NTSC analog or CW
  • 9 dB wide gain control range & 6 MHz center frequency bandwidth
  • On-board intelligence keeps gain on target during events such as loss of pilot and power outages
  • Data logging - so you always have 40 days of history to help resolve those intermittent problems
  • Apple / Android apps for remote access
  • Site data at your findertips
  • LED status provides maintenance techs immediate visual indication of unit:
    • AC power
    • 24 volt line status
    • Pilot tracking status
    • Station temperature status
    • Operational mode
    • Pilot channel number in SPAGC model
    • Upfront dB cable setting in TGC mode

For specifications of the DSIM please check out the Specifications chart.

The ACI DSIM can be easily crossed reference with your current amplifier part number information. Check out the ACI DSIM Amplifier Reference Vendor PN for more information.


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