OTT market is growing as consumers continue to try new services.

At the beginning of 2016, nearly two-thirds of US broadband households paid for an OTT video subscription, but this emerging market remained volatile throughout the year. Many OTT subscribers are sampling different services and then canceling. With the exception of Netflix and Amazon Prime, OTT services are experiencing churn rates exceeding 50% of their subscriber base.

The commitment to quality programming through original content, which helped the OTT leaders solidify their positions, has also harkened the return of the living room. When it comes to visual media viewing, the largest screen possible is always preferable, and as OTT viewing takes on a bigger role in a household’s entertainment, the more viewers will use the TV as the OTT delivery device. OTT users watch these services on their TV screens between 17-20 days per month, much more than platforms such as a PC, Smartphone, or tablet.

Source: ISE Magazine, January 2017, Volume 35, Issue 1