ATS Begins Major Modification Project

March, 28, 2014

Advanced Technical Services (ATS) announced today that they have begun production on a major modification project for an ODM in the entertainment industry.

While specific details we not available, company President, Dave Vikartofsky, said that when fully ramped the daily production could exceed 50-75 units per day.

Additionally, this project fits in well with our core competencies which are; providing electronic repair and related support solutions to our OEM and ODM customers worldwide.

About ATS

ATS designs, develops, and implements electronic repair and related modification services for OEM and ODM customers worldwide.

Since 1981, ATS has provided reverse logistics and repair solutions for its customers. Since its inception, the company has repaired or processed over 10,000,000 products for its customers.

For telecom and cable customers, ATS provides reverse logistics and repair services on most major rectifier brands including; Alcatel, APC, Argus, Cherokee, Eaton, Eltek, Emerson, Falcon, Force 10,GE, Invensys, Lambda, Lineage, Lucent, Lorain, Magnatek/Myers Power, M.G.E., PECO 11, Power One, Power Var, Valere, and many others.

For more information please contact Dave Vikartofsky at or visit the company website at

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